Meet the Outdoor Recreation Team

Kelly and a Camel
Kelly Bortles
As the Outdoor Recreation Manager, Kelly is the newest member of the team.  Also known as "Kelly SOandSO," she is the blog admin and brings her love of photography and Turkey to the job and the blog.

Musa & Mustafa putting together the Surry Bike
Mustafa Tasli
Mustafa is the Assistant Outdoor Rec manager and keeps Kelly out of trouble.  He's the corporate history, and the go-to guy if you need to find out how to get anything done in Turkey.

Musa Daglioglu
Musa is the Bike Mechanic and Lead Driver for the tours with Outdoor Rec.  From snow tubing to racing go-karts on the beach, Musa does it all.

Joseph & Ramazan at Alahan Monastery
Ramazan Moye
Ramazan works full time LRS and part time Outdoor Rec.  He drives us wherever we need to go. Pictured next to Ramazan is Kelly's husband, Joseph So, who is a stellar photographer in his own right.  Many of his photos are in this blog.

Ahmet at Kizkalesi
Ahmet Kocacay
Although his full time job is at the Fabric Care Center, you'll see Ahmet all over the FSS helping out where needed - including driving folks on trips for Outdoor Rec.

Gurhan in Mut
Gurhan Celik
Our newest driver also has full time FSS job at the Club.  He brings a travel industry background and lots of ideas for new trips.


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