15 April 2013

Kapuzbaşi Waterfalls

The Outdoor Rec Team recently "discovered" these gorgeous waterfalls.  Of course they've been there all along, but they are new to us.

Entrance Fee - 5 TL
About a 5+ Hour Drive from Incirlik
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The fast moving river is too rough for white water rafting, so use care when hiking. 

Set deep into the mountains, Kapuzbaşi Waterfalls park has a picnic area and clearly marked trails for hiking. There is a small working mill and plenty of opportunities to explore.

Across from the park, are a couple of hotels and “balik” fish restaurants. The 5+ hour drive makes this a bit long for a day trip. The time in the car is rewarded with stunning views of fresh clean water bursting from the protruding rocks above. 

“The cold water is potable and delicious, and is from the same source as the popular Hayat brand of spring water sold throughout Turkey,” according to Tom Broshnahan author of the Turkey Travel Planner website.

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