05 March 2012

Karatepe Kilim Ko-Operatifi

Karatepe Kilim Kooperatifi is about 30 minutes down the road from the Karatepe Open Air Museum. This is a women’s cooperative of weavers who make original Turkish Anatolian kilim motifs based on designs woven for centuries using natural root dyes. Tour the weaving workshop and watch them weave. Then, sit down have a cup of çay and purview the selection of artwork around you. If you can make a return trip you can even order a custom made kilim of your very own. 

Entrance Fee - NONE
Bring Turkish Lira for carpets.
Difficulty Getting There - EASY
Continue down the road about 30 minutes from the Karatepe Open Air Museum.
Physical Difficulty - EASY
Single story store.

Language of the Kilim
According the Karatepe Kilim website, each design has a meaning:

The weaver wants to marry a man who’s strong like a lion and will make a strong showing the world.

Çiçekli (Flowering)
Love and affection - highlights the beloved.
Küpeli (Earring)
Young women weaving earring report that the family has decided now is the time for marriage.

Merdivenli (Ladder)
The weaver is a young lady who wants to get rid of tent life and wishes to go to a two-story house.

The desire for young girls to marry in the future.

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About the Karatepe Kilim on their website at 

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