12 February 2012

Karataş Beach

A Winter Day at Karataş Beach
Difficulty Getting There - EASY
Physical Difficulty - EASY Walking / Dangerous Undertow - Not Recommended for Swimming

A bit more than an hour drive from Adana, this is an easy drive you do on your own.  Outdoor Recreation has free maps to local areas, including this one.  Stop in and get one and you will soon be on your way.  Along the drive to Karataş (sounds like cara-tosh) you will pass through quaint villages and modern bottling plants, a reminder that you are in Turkey - a place where ancient and modern co-exist peacefully together.

Once you arrive at Karataş your choice is to go left or right.  We picked right since it's the off season, the touristy places on the left are still closed and preparing for the upcoming summer.

Go right and you will see this stunning view pictured above.  Have a seat on the bench and drink in the sunshine while looking over the Mediterranean.

As you wind through hills you'll see the ocean on one side and stunning views of valleys and mountains on the other.

When you get to the beach, take a long walk on the sand.  Be careful this is not the safest swimming beach as there is a very strong undertow and a rip tide.  But there are plenty of shells for the picking.  

When you're finished with your walk, end your day with a hot cup of coffee and "balik" (sounds like "ball-ick") fresh grilled fish and vegetables served ocean side in a make shift restaurant.  Be prepared to sit and relax, as the service is not fast but the delicious food is worth the wait.

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